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Soldier. General. Hero.
Player: @MGoblin256
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 44
Server: Everlasting
Personal Data
Real Name: Tomak Belar'Phon
Known Aliases: Thomas "Tom" Bell
Species: Rikti
Age: 531
Height: 358.14 cm (11' 9")
Weight: 149.68 kg (330 lbs)
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: N/A
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: General, Hero
Place of Birth: Rikti Earth
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: Classified
Known Powers
Genetically-augmented strength, stamina and reflexes (Rikti Biomorphing)
Known Abilities
Leadership Skills, Rikti Telepathy, Rikti Mental Network Link
Greater Rikti Sword; Enhanced Rikti Power Armor; Mark 3 Thought-Speech Translator; Rikti Datapad; Multi-Range Portal Generation Matrix (Integrated into armor)

A former General under the command of War God Hro'Dtohz, Tomak Belar'Phon and his men defected from his forces when they learned the truth of the Rikti War's cause. Unwilling to aid the War God's efforts further, Belar'Phon joined the Traditionalist Rikti and provided direct aid to Vanguard in the waning months of the war, fighting alongside heroes and villains alike. After Hro'dtohz's and Nemesis' defeat, Belar'Phon continued to work with Vanguard. As the Traditionalists and Vanguard resumed talks, Belar'Phon was offered a rare chance to serve in an exchange of sorts. Vouched for by those he'd fought alongside, Belar'Phon was welcomed, albeit warily into Paragon City and registered as a hero. With his power armor and sword at his disposal, Belar'Phon seeks to prove his strength, loyalty and worth to the Heroes of Paragon City, and perhaps make amends for his part in the Rikti War.


Tomak Belar'Phon is a male Rikti with light skin and red eyes. Thanks to the body modifications afforded by his rank, Tomak stands at an impressive height of nearly twelve feet tall, and his body possesses some noticeable muscle, making him appear slightly heavier in build compared to more typical Rikti. His face and crest are starting to bear the markings of middle age, showing faint wrinkles and lines, and his torso, arms and legs also bear some scars from past battles and training scenarios. His Power Armor has been significantly upgraded from its original design with some assistance from the Lineage of Science and the Vanguard. Now resembling a smaller version of that worn by the Lord of War, it is painted a dark navy blue with golden trim, and Tomak additionally wears a red sash and cape indicating his high status in the Lineage of War.


Belar'Phon is a shining example of a soldier at his core:


Early History & The Rikti War

Born approximately five hundred years prior to the onset of the Rikti War, Tomak Belar'Phon was born purely human as most Rikti were, and subsequently went through the traditional physical transformations and downloads of knowledge that gradually saw him mature into a fully grown Rikti. In his ascent of the Philosopher's Thirty-Three Steps of Education, Tomak proved himself to be both physically robust and keen of mind, possessing a noticeable penchant for detailed observation, strategy and discipline and displaying a great degree of personal courage and trust from his peers. Thus, upon completing the Path of Salvation, Tomak was assigned to the Lineage of War so that he might hone both attributes.

For centuries, Tomak underwent rigorous training with the other members of the Lineage in preparation for any conflict that might arise; As the Lineage was largely ceremonial by this period of time, all combat training consisted strictly of sparring, simulated battle scenarios and duels between peers. Through his training, Tomak demonstrated a natural tendency for leadership and a knack for swordsmanship, proving himself an effective squad leader and an adept duelist, gradually rising through the ranks of the Lineage.

One hundred years prior to the Rikti War, Tomak Belar'Phon would get his first taste of actual battle when the alien force known as the Battalion invaded Earth. The bio-armored invaders were fearsome opponents, but Tomak met them in battle nevertheless, leading several squads of soldiers in successful battle operations against the Battalion's forces, with he himself personally slaying dozens of the invaders. For his valor in battle and his leadership prowess, Belar'Phon was awarded with a promotion to War Demi-God, or General, and was appropriately compensated with superior body augmentations courtesy of the Lineage of Morphology.

Despite these modifications, there was little that Tomak could do when Nemesis unleashed his Freedom Phalanx automatons upon the Rikti Homeworld, leaving hundreds dead and causing untold amounts of damage before vanishing almost as soon after they'd arrived. With the Homeworld in an uproar over the assault, the Lineage of War assumed power and began swelling its ranks with new recruits. As one of many generals under the command of the Lord of War, Tomak did his part to train the plethora of new recruits that joined their ranks in preparation for a retaliatory strike against the interlopers. Tomak himself honed his battle skills as well, and was subjected to even more potent modifications by the Lineage of Morphology and outfitted with the newest weapons and armor designed to combat the supposed "gods" that had attacked his people. It was during this time that a new Lord of War was chosen to lead the Lineage of War: A former historian and tactical genius by the name of Hro'Dtohz. Tomak regarded the so-called prodigy with a degree of skepticism, believing him too young to serve as a proper War God. Nevertheless, Tomak silenced his pride and bowed to Hro'Dtohz's newfound authority.

By 2002, the Rikti finally mobilized their forces in a devastating simultaneous strike on Earth's largest cities. Though Tomak himself did not go through the Portal, he helped to coordinate the vast number of soldiers, drones and ships that had crossed over to the other Earth through thousands of portals. As the war raged on, however, Tomak began to grow weary. Though keeping his thoughts to himself, he began to grow disillusioned with the long, bloody conflict: So many good soldiers had been lost in what was supposed to be a quick and decisive conflict. The next serious blow to morale came when the Omega Team attacked the Rikti Homeworld, eventually resulting in the Rikti being cut off from their forces on Earth, unable to send new forces or bring them home.

The Portal Reopens

During the five years that followed, Tomak had shifted his focus to helping combat the Body Purists, fanatics who rejected the Lineages and Rikti body morphing process, after their numbers surged following the actions of the Omega Team, subsequently throwing Rikti society into a state of chaos. Between dealing with the upstarts and finding a way to breach the magical barrier that kept them from contacting their forces on Earth, the Lineage of War was between a rock and a hard place... That was until the Restructurist faction on Earth had finally found a way to breach the barrier separating the two worlds and establish a new portal. The Lineage of War mobilized immediately, sending reinforcements and supplies through. Among those reinforcements was Tomak, who, alongside other Generals, elected to oversee the war on the front lines. Once situated in one of the many bases hidden underneath the so-called "Rikti War Zone", the General directed military efforts against the opposing Vanguard forces, all the while learning what he could of what had occurred during the time the worlds were cut off.

Studying numerous data slates and reviewing drone reconnaissance footage, Tomak took an interest in the behavior of the humans he saw. The drones had recorded numerous instances of the humans' "gods", these so-called heroes and villains, in action. He had expected the super-powered beings to be utterly ruthless as they had been during the attack on his homeworld, ruling over their lessers with an iron fist. Instead, the Rikti was surprised to see many of these beings performing acts of genuine kindness and charity, all while helping to bring those who would commit crimes to justice and protecting the weak. While there were certainly villains among them, it was clear that there was more to the humans than Tomak had originally believed. What the General had learned of his own kind's actions during this period shocked him as well. Though the Restructurists had opened the way once again, the tradition-minded Tomak did not approve of their desire to keep the Lineage of War as the dominant force in the earthbound Rikti society.

The Truth Comes Out

Unlikely Allies

The Privilege