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Portrait of Enchantment
Player: @enchantment
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Hero
Security Level: 50
Server: Everlasting
Personal Data
Real Name: Elle Harkenshire
Known Aliases: The Grand Archmage of Ranall
Species: Ranallian
Age: 69
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 121lbs
Eye Color: The Stars of Wisdom (blue)
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: The Kingdom of Ranall
Occupation: Grand Archmage
Place of Birth: The Shire of Harken
Base of Operations: The Shire of Harken
Marital Status: In a relationship
Known Relatives: Grandfather
Known Powers
Magic. (Storm Summoning, Psionics, and Sorcery, with Fire and Illusion developing)
Known Abilities
Spellcasting, Dancing, Cooking
The Scepter Ignitable, Stars of Wisdom, Nanite Swarms
No additional information available.

Life in Another World

In one version of reality, a species of humanity reached for the stars - and conquered them. It became an all powerful empire stretched across the galaxy, but then collapsed magnificently upon itself, leaving nothing but ruins and colony worlds that devolved in society and technology to the middle ages. It was on one such world that Elle was born in the Shire of Harken. That world was one of chivalry and adventure, dungeons and yes, dragons. Brave knights sallied forth in armies or independently to fight for honor or glory - and all looked to the Shire, isolated and quiet as it was, for the most vital and imperative of tasks. Though the reasons why disappeared from public knowledge over the millennia, those within the Shire knew it was because their little community had been entrusted with the secrets of the ancients. Preeminent among those in the community was Elle's grandfather, the Grand Archmage of their entire world. During the Conquest of the Kingslayer, a war that consumed the continent started by one evil man and his minions, Elle's grandfather took on a more active role, aiding several adventuring parties in their quests to rid the world of the Kingslayer's tyranny. And when that war ended, he retired and named Elle his successor. Also immensely powerful in the mystic and forgotten arts, Elle too ended up participating in many adventures.

During one such adventure, she traveled incognito as a bard by the name of Enchantment, hoping to enter into the good graces of a vampire and dismantle his organization from within. During another, she and the parties she advised raced against time to uncover the millennia old secrets of their world - uncovering its true nature in the process - before another evil destroyed all they knew and loved. By the time she met the Knight with Eyes As The Summer Sky, Elle had become the single most powerful entity on their world.

The Knight

Elle had had time for few romances in her life, and dalliances even less, for the world was always under some crisis or other. Still, she counted herself as world-wise in this as any other subject until The Knight with Eyes As The Summer Sky demonstrated how wrong she was with just one encounter. Perhaps with the world finally at peace, Elle had the time to consider such things. Perhaps it was more. With vivid blue eyes shining, and a dazzling display of skill with sword and shield, the Knight set out to impress Elle of the Shire of Harken - for she sought to convince the Archmage that she was ready to take on the evils of the world. Elle was impressed. The Knight was eloquent, beautiful...stunning in truth, and filled with honorable determination. Perhaps abusing her authority for the first time however, Elle informed the Knight to train harder and try again. The Archmage did not wish the Knight to come to harm. Yet again and again, the Knight came to Elle, sometimes with tales of minor valor, sometimes with a new technique or invention. The woman did indeed have a clever mind. Yet by the time Elle had to give in, Ranall was at peace...there were no more adventures to be had, no more sinister wrongs to be righted.

The Knight realized this one day and for the first time, Elle saw the Knight's eyes dulled, no longer shining with conviction...dejection bowed her proud bearing, and Elle knew deep, soul-rending remorse. She had quenched the soul of the valiant woman. Unable to bear that loss, Elle tore through her libraries, searching for the spell that might save the Knight with Eyes As The Summer Sky. And with spellbook in hand, she returned to the Knight and offered to send her to another world - another plane of existence where heroes were still desperately needed.

Paragon City

The absence of the Knight hit almost as hard as seeing her dejected. Elle waited months for the Knight, she yearned to see those beautiful eyes once more, and hear the breathless tales of her exploits. Had Elle been right to fear sending her into danger after all? Had the Knight been slain, or even worse, broken? Had she found true love beyond the portal Elle had opened? Even as life in Ranall went on in peaceful normalcy, Elle paced the rooms of her demesne. With every month, her own frustration and despondency grew. Finally, it grew to be too much.

Elle would chase after the Knight.

Holding aloft The Scepter Ignitable, she carved the arcane runes into the air, opening the portal to take her to the place the Knight had lived in all these months: Paragon City.

It was utterly incomprehensible at first. Their manner of speech. The heroes flying through the air with skin-tight armor and technologies approaching that of the Ancients. The corruption of the very air - a phenomenon she would come to learn was called "smog". It certainly smelled as bad as an evil dragon's breath. The rules of magic here, she discovered, were far different from her own plane's. There would be no tracking magics to find the Knight. To say she stumbled through life her first month in Paragon City would be to understate the obvious.

The harvesting of corpses and the wholesale slaughter of innocents were what finally made Elle realize the situation was not all under control by the heroes of this realm. Limited though her powers may be, she still had enough to aid in the fight against evil. This was after all the plane she sent The Knight to: a place with unconquered evil in desperate need of heroes. Noting the traditions of this society, she exchanged some of her gold, commissioned a super suit from Icon, and took up her pseudonym Enchantment once more.

Enchantment's Affiliation

After a month and a half of searching Pocket D for The Knight With Eyes As The Summer Sky, Elle happened to meet All-Star and Shieldborne. A friendship quickly brewed, born from the latter two's love of fantasy stories. After several missions together, All-Star invited Enchantment to the ranks of the supergroup Legacy. As Enchantment, Elle has started to find her place within the group, performing her namesake duties for Legacy's base of operations, and aiding in the some of their most recent activities. When she knows she's teaming up with Legacy, Enchantment dons a variant of her Icon-designed suit, designed to fit in with the others.

Tessica Qalibryn

Again within Pocket D, the same day Enchantment was added to Legacy's official roster, Elle met what she believes is the dimensional equivalent of her Knight - the paladin Tessica Qalibryn. Hailing from the planet Valqulori, Tessica was sent to Paragon City by her world's archmage - a woman bearing strong resemblance to Enchantment, named Pelle. The two have had much to work through (especially since Valqulori's dimension is gone), but have taken emotional solace in the presence of each other. Tessica is a Paladin in the Order of the Crystal Starhawk, and as part of their activities, those within her order forge their own armor and weapons. There are a few notable difference between Tessica and the Knight: Elle has noted that Tessica is taller, and that her powers of durability are innate. The Knight Techele's durability comes from her Ranallian-forged and enchanted armor - a problem Tessica and Elle realized together.

Legal Status

For the first several weeks after her arrival in Paragon City, Enchantment did not exist in any legal sense - she had not signed with the FBSA, she had no SSN, nor any other identifying paperwork. She was not aware these things were needed, and her initial plan was after all to find the Knight and head home. Being unable to return to Ranall, she began to seek housing, but after conferring with teammates Aquanaut and Dusk Watcher, the problem of her legal status was discovered. Golden Tigress, another member of Legacy, helped remedy this problem after it was identified.

Magic of Ranall

See Ranall.

Magic as Enchantment

Outside her native element here in Prime and Praetoria, Enchantment has found that none of her Ancient military-grade nanites function, reducing her to utilizing whatever magics exist in that plane. The magics she wields are standard spells modified by her understanding as an outsider relearning.


The Scepter Ignitable - A relic of the Ancients, The Scepter Ignitable is the powerful staff Elle used to carve out the runes necessary to send the Knight (and later, herself) to Paragon City. If asked, Enchantment states that the Scepter earns its name by being both a font of magical energies as well as a technological artifact capable of intense destructive power. The Scepter Ignitable has remained mostly dormant during the Archmage's time in Paragon, a major problem she notes she'll have to deal with later. 
  • Entirely fashioned from Ancient Ranallian Nanites.
  • One of a set of known as the Ancient Ignitable Weapons - all others are on Ranall.
  • Originally belonged to the Emperor of the Ranallian Empire.
  • The Scepter possesses an AI capable of speech.
  • Can be interfaced with mentally by the bearer.
  • Was reactivated alongside all Elle's nanites when The Amazing Bunnford interceded.
  • Is now carried in a dormant state by Tessica Qalibus.
  • The active Scepter Ignitable should be considered an extreme example of a Weapon of Mass Destruction.
  • Has four settings:
    • 1) Localized Cosmic Destruction
    • 2) Dimension Creation
    • 3) Exosuit
    • 4) Emergency Shutdown of all Ranallian Nanites within a 100 foot radius.

The Stars of Wisdom - A semi-magical item created for Elle by her grandfather when she was young. The Stars are in essence a pair of contact lens with healing properties, meant to combat a debilitating form of eye disease she suffers from. They heal the wearer's eyes through consistent mana bombardment - the cause of the radiant effect she is known for. Her grandfather titled the item.
  • Comprised of two swarms of Ranallian Nanites manufactured from scratch by Elle's grandfather - these nanites are "modern", and bear no military fail-safes.
  • Due to their composition, Elle doesn't need to "put them on". They simply disperse or gather.
  • Because of their simple design, the only function they lost when Elle crossed dimensions was the ability to disperse. They were "always on" until The Amazing Bunnford was able to reactivate the swarms.

Ancient Ranallian Nanite Swarms - While conceptually correct, the term "nanite" in this sense is scientifically incorrect. Ancient Ranallian Nanites are zepto (billion-trillionth) sized constructs marrying organic, magical, and technological techniques. The swarms that swirl through Elle are ancient military, dating back several millenia to the universe-spanning Ancient Ranallian Empire. On Ranall, they boosted her natural magical abilities to legendary heights - but due to physics being different on Earth (compared to Ranall), her swarms have been unable to function. 
  • The Amazing Bunnford was able to reactivate the swarms.
    • Once these ancient military nanites recognized they were no longer within the Ranallian Empire, they began to activate preprogrammed fail-safes - causing Enchantment to suffer greatly.
    • Tessica Qalibus, with the aid of Shieldborne and All-Star, shut down Elle's swarms utilizing The Scepter Ignitable's 4th setting.


Elle Harkenshire did not become the Grand Archmage by ignoring the wise precautions her predecessors took. Every night she can, Enchantment casts spells upon her body called contingencies which activate under predetermined conditions. The following are contingencies which are always in place, however there may be more.

* Resurrection - Contingent upon her death, a resurrection spell will activate, reviving Enchantment. Within Ranall, this spell functions as an Immortal Recovery. Within Paragon City and its surrounding planes however, the spell revives her body in a weakened state that lasts for several minutes, mimicking the effects of an Awaken.
* Eye of the Storm - A combination of two spells activate when Enchantment is in mortal danger: Rune of Protection and Hurricane.

Revealed through RP

* Enchantment believes there are 47 full planar realities between Ranall and Earth.
 - If this is so, she describes the power required to make the journey 188 magnitudes greater than the power necessary to create Pocket D.
 - Within 5 of those planar realities lies the plane once containing the planet Valqulori, Elle surmises.
* The Knight With Eyes As The Summer Sky's true name is Lady Techele Qualibryn. Her knightly order has not been revealed.
 - She is described as having vivid blue eyes, long red hair, and pale skin. She is roughly Elle's height.
 - Enchantment states that the Knight is drawn to music and dance.
 - Tessica Qalibus, Paladin in the Order of the Crystal Starhawk from the planet Valqulori, has been revealed to be a planar variant (or perhaps vice-versa!) of Lady Techele Qualibryn.