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Cause when the elder gods come to devour the earth, -someone- has to be the pop rocks, right?
A/S/L? …gross
Handle: Gamecrash
Known Aliases: Geecee, Geece
Species: Human, mutant
Age: mid twenties

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye Color: violet
Hair Color: #993399 and #000
Occupation: … hero. Data Liberator
Association: None Current

Gamecrash, AMAZING DATA GODDESS, is gifted with the ability to inherently absorb electricity, converting herself into a power source. While this was known to be her primary power, it has come to light that she has a secondary ability. One she secretly honed. Her understanding of electricity branched out into data. Inherently able to understand the patterns of 0s and 1s that run through the data streams, and finding herself quite adept at understanding the myriad worlds of coding, Gamecrash began to make a name for herself as a hacker. From early on, she found herself at home with computers, and while with under the watch of the Silver Aegis, Geecee kept herself out of trouble... But it is like an addiction. And when they stopped paying attention, she stopped checking herself. With the resources of the Devocave at hand, Geecee began to see where she could tap into. Longbow. NCIS. FBSA. How many fun little places could she find? She tried it all, leaving her tag behind. Innocuous little pieces of harmless coding in the wake of her information borrowing. But someone caught on to her playtime and she was tracked down, brought in for questioning… and after four days, released… left under intense scrutiny.

To be watched. Waited out..

The Other Life
Name: Jane Noelle Tawley
Known Aliases: Duck, Janie
Occupation: Editor
Age: 27

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 108 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Family: Jim and Caren Tawley ,
Erin Freely (mother),
Joshua (twin brother),
Jennifer (half-sister)
Marital: Taken

Jane is… awkward. The quiet, socially shy young woman was brought up to be responsible, but seen and not heard. Born in Gloucester, Rhode Island to a pair of unprepared teenagers, Jane was one of a set of twins. The small family tried their best, but the stress was too much for Jim and Erin and exhaustion and stress took its toll on the young marriage and they broke up.
It was several years later when Jim got his act together and met Caren, married again and had Jennifer. The twins were bounced back and forth between the houses and Jane often acted as a second mother when they were growing up, learning early on to take care of herself and the house while parents worked.

Heavy on the adoration of books, Jane attended community college and then two years of state college to get her journalism degree. She worked for the local Paragon newspaper doing obituaries and general editing before deciding to quit and take a job as an editor out of her home, reading manuscripts and other freelance projects. Her best friends are her twin brother and a guy named Tobias who lives out in Seattle. Now and then, she’s known to game, going by the online handle SeeJaneRun.

Watching her cuddle her Siamese cat, you wouldn’t know it was the same person as the outgoing, vivacious Gamecrash.



But are Jane and Geecee the same?

or not...

Sometimes the line seems... confusing.

Jane's small apartment has a second closet she keeps all of Geecee's clothes in. She doesn't want it bleeding over into her home time.

Growing up, her powers manifested early on, power draining in her bedroom as young as the age of four. Lamps would pop light bulbs and the little girl would be found giggling and sparking in her bedroom, the mattress or wall singed nearby. Bath times were just as bad. Long-term exposure to water, coupled with any accidental discharge at one point left the tiles in the bathroom warped and a young Jane terrified after having passed out for a few seconds. It took several weeks before she was able to take baths after that, the interim filled with lots of bribery for quick showers and wash downs with soapy washcloths.

With parents under the stress that they were, they couldn't handle having a 'different' child, and every effort was made to ignore her powers, and in time to teach her not to use them. To suppress them. They weren't wanted in the house, and Jane quickly learned that they only made things worse for her. Her brother was the clear favorite of the twins, being more normal, though he never let it come between them. He helped her figure out how to ground her powers and keep from using them at home or school.
It wasn't until she met Tobias in fourth grade that things began to shift toward the other side of her. School had always been an escape. She was decent at it, away from the stress of her broken home, and slowly discovering a knack with computers. Between losing herself in books and finding she had an ease with understanding computer programming and locating data on the drives and internet, Jane was all too happy to be at school.

Tobias, the class nerd, befriended her in fourth grade. They bonded over books and soon progressed into other topics. Tobias came from a tight-knit family and when he found out how messed up hers was, they grew all the tighter, his mother inviting her to a fourth of July picnic to get away for a bit. Jane jumped at the opportunity. In the middle of the party, Jane and Tobias wandered around the park, meandering back through the woods toward the lake to talk. While Jane had not learned to swim, she was willing to sit on the dock with him and chat, their legs hanging in the water. Too much goofing around left the girl falling in, her powers triggering in reaction to her fear. The overloading power reacted with the water around her and Jane passed out, sinking into the lake just before Tobias reached her and pulled her to shore.

After that, she told him everything. He was fascinated. And more supportive than anyone she had in her family, including her brother. He encouraged her to stop hiding that part of herself, though Jane couldn't bring herself to do that. Her father and his wife were getting ready to have another child. She couldn't risk jeopardizing anything with that relationship by suddenly acting like a Tesla coil.

Though he would bring it up now and then, it wasn't until her senior year that Tobias talked her into at least -trying- something. Genius that he was, he had ordered a pair of gauntlets off of the internet and then reworked the internal system into something that Jane could feasibly power with her own siphoned energy. He planted it in front of her and demanded she humor him, grinning like an idiot. After a good half hour of cajoling, he was still grinning when Jane put a one foot wide hole in his basement wall. With a squeal, she quickly pulled it off and stepped away, not sure that she could do anything like that. Even if it did feel good to actually be using her mutation instead of simply grounding it constantly.

The seed was planted. It began to grow. Between the two of them, the other identity was born. Bright colors, a wig. Contacts. Goggles to subtly shift the angles on her face for facial recognition. Shoes to add several inches to her height. ... lots of practice to change how she presented herself. Boots to add to the gauntlets... a suit beneath to tie it together... and a trip away from Gloucester.

In the middle of all of this, Jane was fighting addiction. Her ease with computer programming had turned into something else. Something bigger. She'd run into the world of hacking and found she had a knack for it because of her mutation. She tried it once. Just to see if she could slip into the school's system... and left quickly when she could. Full of mixed feelings. From there it snowballed. Could she? Should she? She didn't dare. Nope. It was too much... okay. Maybe just one more.

With the invention of Gamecrash came the opportunity to be something and someone she had not been able to be as Jane. Gamecrash was outgoing. People noticed her bright colors. They noticed her sparks. They grinned at her. She found herself becoming more outgoing in the purple wig. The more time she was Geecee, the more it seemed that there was a complete divide between the two.

Sometimes to the point where she doesn't even notice herself saying of Jane "She's not as fun as I am." instead of 'my other persona'.

That's mostly gone, she seems to have settled into things, lately.

Re: Jane

.♥.She has a siamese cat named Smith..
.♥.Jane abhors the taste of coffee, sometimes she can’t even take the smell.
.♥.Jane is addicted to cinnamon rolls, and it is an admitted weakness of hers.
.♥.Despite maintaining an A average in school, Jane does not consider herself ‘smart’, believing she got through most of it on ‘instinct’.
.♥.Jane is also somewhat addicted to crossword puzzles and Sudoku, liking the fact that it is a challenge she cannot data-cheat with.
.♥.She goes through great lengths to keep her civilian identity separate from her hero identity. Please respect that and do not metagame.
.♥.Jane does not swim, or drive. The swimming is born out of her past and a near crippling phobia of water.
.♥.Jane has, after recent events, set up a set of files that should be opened if something happens to her, detailing steps to take in regards to notifying next of kin and taking care of her cat, books and computer.


.♥.Without her armor, Geecee is human. Bones break. Skin bleeds. She gets sick.
.♥.Her armor is custom worked, ordered from a supplier and modified by herself and Tobias. It is marked with a bird under a lightning bolt inside a warning triangle. The symbol is imprinted no larger than half an inch tall on each piece.
.♥.Geecee does not play well with water. She calls it an allergy. It's nearly a phobia.
.♥.Gamecrash functions somewhat like a lightning rod into a battery. She attracts ambient electricity, stores it and can power things.
.♥.Without her in it, her armor is somewhat useless outside of protecting major organs and minimizing damage. She powers the gauntlets and boots and goggles with her mutation.
.♥.Without the armor, Gamecrash is not that great for fighting. There is a chance that she could discharge a lethal amount of electricity into her opponent, but she does not have much skill or technique outside of the armor, and is not very formidable.
.♥.There have been a couple of times when, during an overload of hacking and power surging, she swears she went into 'full-on-data' and disappeared physically, entering the internet. She says it is a scary place for more than the various Rules.
.♥.Next Note Here

Who Dat?

Cool People

  • Chime-a-changa - Geecee doesn't have many girls for friends, and while she isn't sure that Chime would call them that, the hippie chick hat talks to rocks has been interesting and amusing each time they've run into each other. And Geecee is determined to break through her zen-sterior. The more they're together, the more she appreciates the crazy that comes with this woman.
  • Cheaterfeet - After suggesting he eat mexican chocolate, the two began a slightly interesting friendship. Warpcore offers no shortage of amusement for Geecee, and good company besides. His company grew so hard on her that they started to date and then moved in together. He wont let her eat JUST cinnamon rolls all day long. So he obviously cares about her. She loves him, and they don't really plan to stop being gross together anytime soon.
  • Levin - Levin is a laid-back, seemingly fun guy who ... well. It's hard to say what he does. But he's good company and Geecee likes him.
  • Tobias Flynn - A friend she made while in high school, Tobias is a veritable genius. One of the few people to know about her alter-ego, she considers him her current closest friend, despite the fact that he now lives out in Seattle.

Okay people

Yeah, no

Word of mouth

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