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· Mutation Brute ·
Player: @Snugglebunny
Real Name
Anarosa Maria Cambrio
Ann, Ana, Anchor
December 12
New Mexico
Student, Fighter?
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Santiago Cambrio (father, deceased),
Jane Cambrio (mother),
Esteban (brother),
Physical Traits
Mutant human
Apparent Age
A lot.
Body Type
Metal AF
Metal. Sometimes looks more white,
sometimes gray.
... Gray
Powers & Abilities
Patron Pool
Saint Nacho Libre
· Known Powers ·
Titanium skin, hair, claws.
· Equipment ·

When a Boy and a Girl...

Well, when they love each other very much, they do dirty things to each other.
Like, pranking each other for a year.
Then finally going on dates.
I guess?

Jose and Anamaria Cambrio immigrated to America the year before their son was born. So, by the time Anamaria was pregnant and had their son Santiago Cambrio, they were full fledged Americans, with a small shop making and selling guitars and ukeleles. Abuelo is good at his craft and they sold pretty well. Enough to give Santiago four sisters and keep them all fed and happy; Liberty, Consuela, Rica, and Amalina - the youngest born when Santiago was only 10. Santiago was long suffering in silence, a trait he learned in a family with five very talkative women. He loved them all, but HEAVENS do they know how to fill up silence.

Several cities away, there was another family. They had two children. Henry and Jane were different. Pretty normal. American dream, as far as I know. Born a couple years after her brother, Jane was quiet, but outgoing. She liked everyone.

Somehow they both ended up in the same town after high school. Jane, who loved everyone, learned after getting the quiet dark haired Army recruit to talk, that she had a new kind of love for him. Santiago, after learning how to actually speak to a girl who didn't talk all the blasted time, found that he really liked her.

Of course, they went about it all really awkwardly. They liked each other, but there was a lot of playing around with it. Partly because Papi had basic training and they were hesitant to get into anything. But they finally did and he proposed like... a month into things? They got married two months later. And a year after THAT, thank you deployment loving, Esteban Henry was born. Henry because Papi was so glad to have a guy to talk to that he hit it off with Uncle Henry so quickly he just had to name his son after him.

So, they had their boy between deployments. And three years later, they had their girl. Me.
Well, it was a bit more complicated than that. Mom got pregnant and things got... weird? She was exhausted about a month and a half into it, on. Five months in, she was weighing in a lot heavier than she should. Even with the normal weight she was putting on.

So, tests were run. She was carrying a child with a rather blatant mutation gene. There was apparently a lot of drama about it. Do they keep it, will it kill her? Will the baby survive? Will this, should that? But they decided they didn't want to risk either of us, so she was put on bedrest and I was born 6 weeks early, before I crushed anything.

Anarosa Maria - the titanium child. Premature, but I screamed loud enough. Not quite iron lungs, but close enough. I'm not sure how, but they were both thrilled. Esteban was confused for a while, but then he decided I was an X-Man baby and started trying to protect me ... while also trying to get me to break things for him. We have a special relationship.

Sometimes, things go sideways.

Doesn't quite work out all the time.
And you need coping mechanisms.
Not that everyone needs to know about them.

For the first 12 years, it all went pretty well. I mean, Papi was in and out with his deployments. The Army worked him a lot, but he loved it. Second generation American, and proud to be. And it was a good way to take care of his family. I don't think he ever complained.

While he was gone, we stayed in New Mexico. We were close enough to Uncle Henry and his family to be able to have holiday get-togethers and throw the kids together for birthdays. Which, by the by, is how I got so close to Carley. When you have a cousin who is just a few months off in age from you and they don't think you're anything weird? They just see you as... you? And you see them as SOMETHING GLORIOUS? Match made in heaven. She's probably one of my top 10 favorite people of EVER.

Anyhow. We spent a bit of time with them. When I was about 12, we moved. Papi got stationed stateside, in North Carolina. Doing rank training stuff. We base hopped a few times while Mom got her degree in forensic accounting... and then... he shipped out, again. And this time, he didn't come back. I was 15.

It was hard. I felt hollow. And then Esteban announced he had enlisted. Looking back, I mean, I can see that was his way of coping. He knew why Papi did it. He'd always talked about doing it himself... but he wasn't going to let the loss stop him. Papi would't have liked that.

Me? I dropped out of school. I was miserable. Someone said the wrong thing to me at school on a bad day. So, I hit them... and got suspended and things snowballed. Eventually, Mom talked me into taking self-defense classes with one of Papi's old friends. Matteo had been in basic with Papi and they had kept in contact up until he died. Now, he had a gym and I guess he'd been talking to Mom about me. So, she shoved me into his hands.

I was reluctant, initially. I didn't want to hit anyone else. Matteo started hitting me first. He had minor super strength and I could feel it. It hurt. Physically, emotionally. Everything just bubbled up and I started hitting back. Not just with fists. My claws came out and I got nasty. For all of thirty seconds, and then I fell on the floor. Crying. Like a baby.

His solution? Teach me to fight beyond the self-defense and then sneak me into an actual fight.
It took a year of REALLY hard training. But we did it. And I won my second match. My side got really damaged. I had to stay late and have it all buffed off and out of me, and there was some that was left... and we just uh... covered it up. Worked it into my etching ... tattoo things. Don't tell. That's why the stars.

I was kind of hooked, after that. The endorphins, the winning, the opportunity to freak out? Maybe, a little, the chance to do something behind my mom's back.

So now, here we are in Paragon.
I started off with several fights, got into a LOT of trouble and booked it for a year to Mexico. Got into some fights down there, one of which was with my uncle. Then there was a whole thing about him trying to hit me while I was in metal solid form... He's a dumb. So we had a falling out. I went home, fought with my mom and then left and now I'm back in Paragon. I have a new guy. He's one of Matteo's old contacts. It's going okay so far. Winning more than half of my matches.

Them's the Facts


.▲.Ann's body is freaky. Born with a skeletal system which was naturally enhanced with titanium. This was a good thing, considering the extra weight her skin and hair added to her lean frame. All of it worked together to make her much more durable than the average human, heavier, too.
.▲.The titanium properties of her being are also somewhat mutable. Able to leave her skin slightly flexible when it is warm, she is also able to 'sweat' more titanium in times of high stress (both good and bad), allowing her to form a shell of sorts. A shiny, slick, protective outer layer of bright titanium as well as forming offensive claws in both her hands and feet, though the latter are rarely, if ever, used.
.▲.The more worked up she is, the stronger her resistance to fighting, damage, and other things are.


.▼.For all her mutation, Ann is still human. Someone with enough super strength could potentially break her bones/skin.
.▼.She is susceptible to diseases.
.▼.Pure nitrogen is bad, mkay? So is too much radiation bombardment, but hey, how often is a girl going to get into THAT?
.▼.We do not want her getting a cold.


.►.Being as her father was a second generation Mexican American, and first of 6 kids who all make a point to get together once a year...Ann is bilingual. She speaks English and Spanish.
.►.Ann has a soft spot for nachos. It's her stomach. The spot is her stomach. The hotter, the better.
.►.Contrary, she kind of dislikes coffee. She doesn't see the point.
.►.Cocoa, on the other hand is perfect. Dark cocoa.
.►.Ann is allergic to school. She dropped out when she was 16. Mom insisted she take GED classes online. She finally sucked up and finished them when she was 19.
.►.She hates the smell of buffing compound.
.►.She also completely fangirls Ms. Krupp. True story.

Dudes, Dorks, and Ducks

Super Dudes

  • Carley - Pretty much the best person, like, ever. I would punch anyone for her. I've offered, but she wouldn't actually let me, even though we had really long conversations about the follow through. Future rickshaw driver and macrame artiste. ♥ Been a hell of a hot minute since we talked. She's probably gotten herself into some dumb hero crap.
  • Esteban Henry Cambrio - My older brother. Part protector, part tormentor, part-ner in crime. He is currently being a G.I. Jose between video calls to his girlfriend and sometimes to me or Mom. (Mostly to his fiancee or Mom. Video chatting is awkward.)

Just Dudes.

  • Matteo Andrews - Former Trainer. Former friend of my father's. A minor mutant with some measure of super strength, he's kind of a jerk. He pushes me to do things, won't let me have fun, and he fights me if I'm not doing well enough. But he also got me into fighting, so... it's a trade-off? We make a bit of money doing this. Even if we have to flub my age here and there. It's a secret thing. We recently got into a full on fight and I left him. I'm sure he'll show back up.


  • There are like... 21 other cousins I am not even going to bother listing here. They're around. Somewhere. Not vital. But dad had 5 sisters. They all liked babies. We're close, but not like Carley and I.