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How ya doin'?
Tommy Cortex
Player: @Anhedonia1
Origin: Originicon science.png  Science
Archetype: Archetypeicon controller.png  Controller
V archetypeicon dominator.png  Dominator
Security Level: 50+3
Personal Data
Real Name: Thomas Salvatore DiNunzio
Known Aliases: Tommy Cortex
Species: mutant
Age: 30
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 197
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Italian-American
Occupation: freelance 'fixer', negotiator, hitman
Place of Birth: Unknown, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: mobile, Etoile Isles
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
Telepathy (mind reading, mental communication, attacks, defenses), empathic powers (emotion 'reading', pain suppression/enhancement, limited ability to speed cellular regeneration)
Known Abilities
Possesses heightened intelligence, sharper senses, and an eidetic memory due to the circumstances of his 'enhancement'. Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, mostly boxing, street fighting, improvised weapons, and knife fighting. Skilled with most handguns, shotguns, SMG's, and common explosives.
Mateba .44 autorevolver, knife, length of piano wire, modern combat armor with rocket boots
No additional information available.


Tommy is very confident and sure of himself, to the point of being slightly cocky. He is very outgoing, and will often initiate conversation when in a one-on-one basis. However, in a group setting, he'll spend some time observing quietly, using his enhanced hearing to eavesdrop. He appears very relaxed and nonchalant, but if someone threatens his business, his life, or those people he values, he will respond swiftly and ruthlessly. Tommy is motivated largely by the possibility of gain, either monetary, or by dealing in favors. He always repays his debts, and will not tolerate a debt to him going unpaid.


Early Years

Tommy Cortex was born Thomas Salvatore DiNunzio, and raised in Rhode Island, but his exact birthplace is only known to him. He was born to Vincent and Anna DiNunzio, and though many records of him and his early past have been destroyed, his father is believed to have been a capo (captain) in the Marcone crime family in New England. It is known that both his parents were killed by a car bomb when he was twelve, and that the alleged culprits were members of the Council. If pressed on this, Tommy will only say that the killers were 'dealt with'. When he was thirteen, his latent mutant abilities of telepathy and empathy manifested. He learned to control his powers relatively easily, though they were fairly weak.

'Family Man'

Tommy formally joined the Marcone on his eighteenth birthday, and moved to Port Oakes. He served loyally and successfully, becoming a capo himself. His powers were put to use to complement his natural charm and wit, making him a skilled negotiator and go-between. After an unknown period of time, he was approached by a group of psychic criminals who wanted Tommy's help with their plans. Their goal was to use their powers to pull off a series of heists to fund the building of an experimental neural accelerator. They believed that the accelerator would enhance their already considerable powers, making them unstoppable. Though Tommy was initially skeptical, the Marcone consigliere Guido Verandi encouraged him to assist the criminal ring, in exchange for the Marcone taking a percentage of their profits.

Power Boost

With Tommy's help, and the Family resources he brought to the table, the plan was largely successful. However, a careless mistake by one of the members exposed their plan, and a group of heroes attacked their facility just as the accelerator was about to be tested. Facing imminent capture, Tommy abandoned the rest of the criminals to their fight and activated the accelerator. It was a big gamble, but it paid off. Tommy emerged from the chamber with his powers and senses far greater than ever before. Leaving his former comrades to their fate, he escaped into the dark alleys and warehouses of Port Oakes.

Open for Business

Tommy came out of the events to find the Marcone split into two factions, battling for control of Port Oakes. He decided he would net more profit working as an independent contractor, and so, he moved to Sharkhead Isle and set up shop. He pays a portion of his profits to both the Marcone and Verandi factions of the Family, so as to buy their indulgence and to keep them out of his business. He has businesses, contacts, and offices throughout the Isles, though scattered, and low-profile enough that few have ever heard of him. Every once in a while, if you're dealing with an underworld contact, you may hear someone mention that if you have a problem that needs 'solving', that you should talk to Tommy. Several months ago, he was hired by Titan Industries, and is thus far enjoying his work. His steely professionalism and charisma have impressed TI’s Director, Titan Girl, who has promoted him to an officer in the organization.

It’s All About Who You Know…

The Good

Junior"The kid can fight, and he damn sure enjoys his work. I like the guy, even if he gets a little snotty from time to time."

Titan Girl"Brooklyn's damned good at what she does, and she knows how to make money. S'why she hired me, capice? Anyway, she's the only lady I've ever called 'boss', which says a lot. She does have this really creepy fixation on her furniture, though."

Hyperdrive"She's like my little sister. My -very- little sister. She's good people, and a whiz with tech. I've put my ass on the line for her, and would probably do it again. I can't freaking STAND her husband, though. Hell if I know what she sees in him, but if she's happy with the loser, that's what matters, I guess."

Black Roulette"Sandra's ok, I guess. One hell of a fighter. A little hotheaded when someone ticks her off, but her heart's in the right place. And she can take a joke, which is a plus. She's crazy good at poker. If you're going to play her, bring a lot of money, and don't get too attached to it. Lately, though, she's been kind of a pain."

The Pysch Physician"I like the guy. A little grouchy, but still solid, and knows his stuff. I feel for him, I mean, we both got screwed over by Kristoff, but I came out all right. He didn't. Poor guy lost everything, but he's too proud to accept my help. That, or he doesn't want to owe a wiseguy money, which is smart. Besides, he's another psi named Thomas. How could I -not- like him?"

Lethal Accuracy - "He doesn't like anyone, and no one likes him. And he doesn't care. Lethal is who Lethal is, he won't sugarcoat nothing for nobody. I gotta respect that. Besides, he's hilarious. And a hell of a killer."

The Bad

De-Motivator"Ugh, -this- loser. He's freakin' obnoxious and stupid, and he's rude to his wife, which pisses me off. He got killed once before, apparently he can't even do -that- right. If Piper wasn't in love with the guy, I'd be happy to help him try it again."

Ascendant - "This guy just gets on my last damn nerve. Glorified Boy Scout thinks he can tell people how to live? Heh, he's none too bright, either. I sure wouldn't mind seeing him taken down a few pegs, though."

Theme Music

'Bust Your Kneecaps' by Pomplamoose - [1]

Random Facts

  • He likes the finer things in life, and is almost always dressed smartly, in a high-quality tailored suit.
  • He's in peak physical condition for an unenhanced human. He works out regularly, and is a skilled boxer.
  • He speaks with an light Italian accent, and while his mode of speech isn't terribly cultured, he is a lot smarter than he appears.
  • He is very lucky, almost abnormally so.