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Arachnos is one of the main factions in the City of Heroes/Villains universe. This villain group of dark origins resides today more or less permanently in the Rogue Isles and is the personal tool of Lord Recluse in his neverending fight with Statesman. Having sub-divisions of specialists, immense resources and no few powerful villains in his ranks, Arachnos can be considered a true army. Despite its immense power (or perhaps because of it), life in Arachnos is not easy and the fights between the different inner factions seem to be something relatively common. Arachnos only believes in the survival of the fittest and is not friendly towards costumed villains. Sometimes allied and mostly hostile to villains, this villain group can be found in City of Villains by a player during his whole career. Arachnos soldiers feel even less love for heroes, and will attack them on sight. In City of Heroes, a Hero who wishes to fight them will have to go to Faultline, Siren's Call, Rikti War Zone or Recluse's Victory, or enter mission in Bloody Bay, Siren's Call or Warburg.


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