Kara Stone

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Kara Stone
Player: @zilljah
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: 50
Server: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Kara Margaret Stone-Nakatomi
Known Aliases: Mayhem, Domin8trx
Species: Human
Age: 30
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Artist/Therapist
Place of Birth: Lufkin, TX
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Widow
Known Relatives: Margaret Stone (nee Hamilton) (mother); Edgar Stone (father); Timothy (Tim) Stone (brother); Katrina Yumiko Nakatomi (wife; deceased)
Known Powers
Stealth, Leaping, Flight
Known Abilities
Katana, Super Reflexes
Custom wakizashi-Rumored to be the last Hanzo sword; custom leather bodysuit (armored underneath) with gasmask
Openly lesbian; she/her. Former professional dominatrix

Early Kara

Kara grew up in small East Texas town, and was considered the "odd girl." She favored dark clothing, listened to Goth/industrial/darkwave music, preferred reading to other activities. She discovered her sexuality early, but felt she had no one to discuss it with or advise her. This made her feel alienated. Spent weekends driving to Houston or Dallas with friends to go to shows and clubs, to get away from her home life.

College Kara

Attended the University of North Texas, where she earned her BFA. During this time, she came out as a lesbian, causing a rift between herself and her parents that still exists. Was still Goth, but it seemed to be less all-encompassing to her. An interest in becoming a therapist led her to attend University of Paragon to get her MSW.

Mistress Mayhem, Professional Dominatrix

During her time at UNT, Kara became a member of a troupe of professional fetish performers, who did shows at clubs and events. These involved modeling latexwear, performing scenes involving BDSM, and creating shows. This led to a chance encounter with a dominatrix, who invited her to "apprentice" with her. The constant traveling was also causing issues with her education, so she left performing to become "Mistress Mayhem" Kara found that she liked being a professional dominatrix, and found herself with a select clientele whose "tributes" helped fund her education. Eventually, she would leave the profession-partially to focus on her art career. And because her new wife wasn't interested in the "scene," which lead to some friction in their relationship. She remained retired until recently, consulting on the building of and eventually managing a dungeon part-time.

Married Kara

Kara met Katrina Nakatomi at a fundraiser in Dallas. She would describe her first time seeing Kat as "nothing leading to something." It took a month before she asked Kat out on a date. The attraction built slowly, but steadily, and within six months they were living together. They married not much later, with Kat taking a larger role in her family's banking and investment business. Leaving Dallas, the couple lived in New York City for a year (of which Kara says, "Happiest day of my time there was the day we left for good"), then moved to Paragon City to establish the new office there. Kara returned to college for her MSW, and establishing herself as an artist, with well-received showings in NYC and Paragon.

The Worst day of Her Life

It was the summer of God's Crusader. Anyone who lived in Paragon at that time can remember the killings that shook the LGBTQ community, the scrutiny of the PPD's handling of the murders, and the sudden, bloody ending. It started with the body of Tina Burke found in a park on June 1; by July 17, ten more bodies followed. All were either gay, lesbian or transgender. All had been murdered by decapitation with a sword. The police made little progress; the superhero community seemed unable to offer a solution. Many suggested that the lack of action was due to the sexuality and gender identity of the victims; others saw it as "God's punishment on Paragon."

July 18. Kara Stone-Nakatomi returned from classes to their apartment. And discovered the body of her wife, victim number twelve. Kara rarely talks about what she saw, and remembers little after. The police added her name to the list of deaths, and no progress. It seemed like there would be no end to the terror.

The Time of Pain

Kara had met the man she called "Sensei" the day she moved to Paragon, looking for an new martial arts instructor. Haruki Kawasaki was, as she described, "a mix of hard ass and class clown, with a pit viper inbetween." Her twice weekly training sessions pushed Kara hard, often coming home with bruises and cuts. Kat began calling her her "Art Ninja," which both she and Sensei funny. As they worked with each other, Sensei came to regard Kara, and Kat, as part of his family. He'd known Kat's family, and had deep respect for them. Kat enjoyed being able to practice her Japanese again.

The day after Kat was cremated and her ashed interred, Kara went to Sensei's dojo. She keeled before him in respect and asked him for one thing. To teach her how to kill. She wanted revenge. Sensei asked her to return the next morning; he told her he would do as she asked. But that it would come at a price, which she would not pay. And that the path she would take would lead her beyond revenge. "It's a path that leads to places you neither you nor I can see. There will be challenges you cannot imagine this day. But, if you are clever and skilled, you will overcome. Yes, I will teach you."

The next few months were the hardest, most intense Kara ever experienced. Sensei broke her, put her back together, and repeated until she no longer would break. She learned to be hard, to strike without mercy, and to be silent. When her natural abilities were not enough, her inheritance and Sensei's connections found ways to make her more resistant, stronger, faster. And, to disappear, to evade and get close enough to an enemy to strike without warning. He also gave her a sword; the last made by the legendary Hanzo.

She drew upon her past for a new identity. Leather and steel, chain and straps. Masked, sword at ready, Kara became Domin8trx, and she was ready for blood. Soon, she became part of the dark parts of Paragon, seeking what the police could not provide. A clue. She got lucky, stumbling upon the Crusader as he was about to claim another victim.

Their fight was bloody and brutal. Both were wounded, but Kara used everything she'd learned to strike a final, deadly blow. The Crusader's streak ended at fourteen. And in that place, Kara finally did what she had not been able to for months.

She cried for her dead wife.

Domin8trx, and the price

In the aftermath, Kara was cleared of all charges regarding the death of God's Crusader. "Justifiable homicide" it was called; she'd acted to protect the life of another, and defended herself against deadly force. She intended to put the costume away, to get on with her life. But, she couldn't. She'd gotten her degree, and had been working for a local LGBTQ center, helping youth and young adults who often had been preyed upon on the street. Kara's sense of justice was enraged. The law may not be there, but she could be . . .

Kara never has learned who paid the price for her vengeance. Or that her abilities are not through technology, but something older and far more powerful. And power demands payment. Sensei paid for it. His soul is bound to the Earth, unable to ascend or evolve. Because he saw something in Kara. Greater than her, or him. And worth the sacrifice, he thought.


Kara is Assistant Director of the Katrina Nakatomi-Stone Resource Center of Paragon City. A bequest in Katrina's will created a trust to expand the Center's outreach. After graduation, Kara became a therapist and advocate. She feels this is as-or more-important than what she can do on the streets in costume. Kara went into private practice, but returned to the Resource Center, feeling she could do more there.

She didn't stop wearing the costume. There were times when justice rather than the law needed to be served.

Kara still doesn't truly understand Sensei's words to her. She's about to.